Sunday, August 23, 2015


Two weeks ago we welcomed our sweet boy, Owen Richard - we are enamored.
Birth story coming at a later date.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

DIY Upholstered Headboard Tutorial

Welllllllllll, baby O is being stubborn which means a post before his introduction. We recently swapped the queen bed in our guest room for a king so last weekend the doc made a new headboard for it. I LOVE IT. I am naming the fact that I was seriously anticipating labor to start as the reason I didn't take photos of the building process. Hence, you get my lovely illustrations instead to try and depict the tutorial steps the doc wrote up for everybody who asked for a tutorial :) 


DIY Upholstered Headboard (printable materials list and instructions below)

Materials (for king size headboard)
  1. Board (this can be a piece of plywood, MDF, etc) measuring 48” x 78”
  2. Button assembly kit x 2 (can be purchased at Hobby Lobby, Joann’s) - we used 27 buttons total
  3. Fabric (any type of fabric will work, though you want to make sure it’s not see-through and that it is durable).  If the fabric is too thick, the button kit may not work…as discussed below.  We used a piece that was about 54” wide and 2.5 yards long.  I wouldn’t recommend anything smaller.  
  4. 2x6 board - enough to span the length (78”) and two sides (48” - width minus 6” across top = 42”).  Also nice to have a few small spare pieces…see below
  5. Staple gun and plenty of staples
  6. Saw - I used a miter saw but a skill saw will work.  Also Lowe’s and Home Depot will cut the boards for you if you purchase your wood there 
  7. Foam - we used a queen mattress topper (egg crate) that was 4” thick.  The thickness can be whatever you chose, we just like thick and found the mattress topper to be much cheaper than other/craft foam
  8. Long needle 
  9. Embroidery floss 
  10. Drill with large drill bit 
  11. 1.5” wood screws 
  12. Wall mounting material (we used four hooks that screw into the back of the headboard)
  13. Drywall anchors with screws 

Step 1:

Frame the backside of the plywood board with your 2x6” pieces of wood.  One piece across the top and two along the side.  You can also frame the bottom if you’d like, but to save money I didn’t.  

Optional: I screwed a small piece of spare 2x6” piece on the bottom that would be in contact with the wall after hanging.  This ensured that the entire headboard didn’t bow in the middle. 

Step 2: 

Depending on how heavy you think your finished product will be, you may want to add two small pieces of 2x6” somewhere along the back of the headboard where you plan to put mounting brackets.  We used 4 total mounting brackets (2 along the edges and one on each of the two pieces I screwed in during this step)

Step 3: 

Now you need to pre-drill holes where you want buttons.  We did 5 rows.  5 across the top, then 6, then 5, then 6, then 5.  We actually should’ve done another row of 6, but because the pillows cover that row and it would have required an additional button kit (about $10) we decided against it.  For ours, the rows were spaced 7” apart from top to bottom.  Each button was 13” apart from side to side with the rows staggering.  The 2nd and 4th rows started 6.5” from the side as opposed to 13” like the others.  To do this, I took a long board (anything long and straight will work) and mapped out a grid on the front side of the plywood with a marker.  I placed an “X” where a button should go and pre-drilled all holes with a fairly large drill bit (the larger the hole, the easier it is to fish the needle through later).  

Step 4:

The foam is assembled face down (egg crate down towards the wood).  The queen foam topper we had was exactly 78” in length.  Begin on one side and staple using a staple gun each side and across the top, making sure to staple right along the FRONT edge of the wood.  Do NOT staple the foam to the side or wrap around the back as this will leave lumps along the straight edge of the side when you upholster the headboard.  The bottom will likely require some trimming.  Once trimmed, staple along the bottom edge.  
Step 5: 

Iron your fabric and ensure all wrinkles are out.  Place the fabric facedown and center your plywood with attached foam facedown (foam side down) centered over the fabric.  Make sure there were no wrinkles that developed during this process.  Begin on one side and staple fabric to the 2x6” boards on the back.  Make sure to pull tight.  On the corners, I folded the fabric to ensure a nice seam developed.  

Step 6:

Use spare fabric (can cut prior to upholstering headboard or after) to create your buttons.  Follow instructions on button assembly kits.  We made 27.  Our fabric was too thick, so we created the buttons as best we could leaving some of the fabric sticking out.  That extra fabric was wrapped behind the button prior to pulling tight against the foam in order to hide the extra.  

Step 7:

Using the embroidery floss (or any strong, thicker thread), tie a knot around the back of the button and secure well.  We doubled up the floss several times over to ensure strength and to help secure on the back.  Take your thread that is attached to the button and thread through a needle.  Next, puncture the front of the headboard (side with fabric) and thread through to back towards pre-drilled hole.  Once through hole, place a few staples over the thread/floss and wrap around as many times as you desire.  Take a hammer and hammer the staples down to prevent slipping of the thread.  You may want to have someone hold pressure on the button from the front to whatever depth you desire within the fabric prior to hammering down thread.  If you used thick fabric like we did and your buttons have wings, prior to pulling tight and holding pressure, make sure fabric is tucked behind the buttons.  

Step 8:

Attach whatever mounting brackets you feel would be best and drill screws in the walls (we did 4 drywall anchors).  We used a bracket with two screws and a little “U” shaped piece that would hang on the screws that were placed in the wall.  
Note: This headboard does not have legs and is simply mounted on the wall behind the bed.  Ours goes about 4-6” below the top of the mattress.  

Let us know if you build your own -- we'd love to see how it turns out! 


Friday, July 31, 2015

JUNE! JULY! oh my.


June's craving was honeycomb cereal...3 boxes before the month was halfway was serious.
They had a banquet for the graduating residents so we attended that...I really really wish this was higher quality because I kind of like it a lot.
32 weeks
We got do have dinner dates and lunch dates (we're trying to take advantage of that before baby O arrives). And we realized we'd better get to the temple one last time before then too!

33 weeks.
wearing a little house dress my mom wore when she was pregnant.
June is always exciting because the doc's birthday happens - which means food freebies! (see full list of freebies here) They tend to last us the entire month...we love it.

Our birthday tradition since we started dating is a homemade birthday dessert (cake or other). This year I made the doc salted caramel eeee was it good.


We spent R's birthday weekend in Sarasota and had a most perfect beach day. The water was clear and felt AMAZING. Plus between Ma's cooking and Sarasota restaurants, you know the food was always on point. Also - my aunt mentioned this malted chocolate ice cream she used to get in California and well, that got my mind thinking about malted chocolate anything....which means my mom went to the store and came back with dangerous things, like one of those big boxes of whoppers.  




My mom had just gotten back from Mexico so she sent us home with all kinds of goodies. Coming home to find Rick eating churros with lime and salsa valentina made my little half Mexican heart all kinds of proud.

34 weeks
 We FINALLY (my fault) finished the paintings for Baby O's nursery...Rick had done 4 and I had done 1 so he was waiting on me to do the last one...I was waiting for inspiration, haha. We found the animal photos on pinterest/etsy but when we saw they cost $60 a pop we decided to try and re create our own with watercolor! Oh, and we re-purposed a framed quote and some free fabric to make a giraffe and turned 1 curtain panel into the 2 smaller ones we wanted - oh yeahhh.

The doc and I finished up June with a magical date night. No seriously, something magical was happening. We went to Chick-fil-a to redeem our free chicken sandwiches (we got those after touring headquarters when we went to ATL in February) and ended up getting "RAK attacked" {random act of kindness} by an employee which meant he brought us free milkshakes! Then we headed to the movies to use our free movie tickets (Christmas present from the boss) and ended up with a free popcorn! was awesome.

35 weeks
36 weeks

I was really trying hard to have the June post ready before July happened but you know...
My memory of July starts with 4th of July weekend -- we decided on Sarasota to get to the beach once more before our lives are changed foreverrrrr. On our way south, we did something that the doc has been wanting to do for like, his whole life (almost). We went to Bern's Steakhouse! [We are really trying to fit in those restaurants and date nights before baby O arrives] It is a very dimly lit place and the decor is what I would imagine a brothel looking like. The food and dessert room did not disappoint!  

Since dating I've opened the doc up to this thing called sharing. Well good thing because a) Bern's is pricey and b) you get SO much food! French onion soup (you know we HATE onions but this soup was delicious!), a salad, your steak with these crunchy onion things and some veggies [whatever is in season], and a baked potato. Then for dessert you literally have your own room - pretty cool. We got the banana pie and have been trying to replicate it ever since. 


When we got to our destination, Ma had another box of these waiting for me :x
I ate them all. In 3.5 days. No Shame.
I didn't realize how AMAZING being in the water (beach or pool) felt until I'd go to get out of it and feel like an elephant/suddenly gravity hit and it felt like someone attached 3 bowling balls to my stomach. For real.


our 4th of July was spent eating, pooling, and firework watching. 


Dave Hutchinson Photo ^^
Also, Dad was super craving a chocolate cake that I had made last time we were visiting...always have to leave a strip with no frosting for Ma.

36 weeks

Once we got back to the ville it was back to work and also we finally tried this local Italian restaurant. It. is. amazing. 

Fresh bread, pear purses (poached pear and ricotta filled pasta purses in a herbed brown butter cream sauce), homemade gnocchi in homemade marinara sauce, and macadamia chicken (macadamia encrusted chicken sautéed with a vanilla-cilantro cream sauce)

We liked it so much we went back 1 week later.
There was a local food truck rally which we got kind of excited about but ended up being a total bust. We left and went this Americauna pizza car thing that had been recommended. 

Can't forget about Cow Appreciation Day (thank you Chick-fil-a) - it's a tradition. Since we're going to encourage Owen to franchise a Chick-fil-a, maybe he can hang this photo of his first CAD in there (we're a little bit serious about this plan).

38 weeks

Today is the last day of July and I'm just glad I was able to roll this baby (as in this post, not actual baby) out just in time. But also the real baby could be rolling (er...emerging..) any day (or minute) now...this last week has been a waiting game and I'm pretty sure Ricky is the most anxious of anybody to meet baby boy! As long as my OB's prediction is right and he arrives before his due date (Sunday) I think I'll keep my sanity. SO that's time you see an update from me it's bound to have a real life color photo of this little man!: